Letter — Beach Park is a terrible place for pool

To the Editor:

I am writing to urge the Trumbull Aquatics Facilities Committee to consider several alternative sites for the proposed Aquatic Facility before making a recommendation to the Town Council.

At the December committee meeting, it settled upon Beach Memorial Park as its preferred site. I believe that Beach’s is a terrible choice for this facility for several reasons. First, there is not enough space for adequate parking. The proposed 175 parking spaces are insufficient for the existing outdoor pool and the new indoor pool with seating for 300 spectators. Second, the narrow winding roads surrounding Beach’s cannot handle the traffic this facility would produce. Finally, this facility would fundamentally damage the character of Beach Park and diminish its enjoyment for residents.

With a background in research, I reviewed possible sites for the pool using Trumbull’s GIS maps (https://metrocog.mapxpress.net/Trumbull/) and walked them from the perspective of a resident and neighbor.

Old Mine Park from the Corporate Drive cul-de-sac is a flat site, in view of few houses and traffic enters from 111 at a light. While a concern has been raised that Old Mine is on the National Register of Historic Places, that does not appear to be a constraint. A second location is Indian Ledge Park near the bandshell. Although the ledge could raise construction costs, the facility would disturb few neighbors. Another possibility is the edge of Trumbull High property bordering the park. Wetlands are an issue but proximity to THS student users makes it worth exploring and addressing Board of Ed concerns.

Finally, Tashua Knolls already is a recreation complex with golf, event center, tennis and basketball courts and outdoor pool. Accessed via a stoplight at Hwy 25, it’s just a 12-minute drive from THS. Perhaps it’s the best site if there’s adequate parking for users at peak times. Encouragingly, the Aquatics Committee voted on 1/23/20 to reconsider Tashua.

Any location has strengths and weaknesses. But in my view, Beach’s has the greatest weaknesses.

I urge the Aquatics Committee to explore alternatives other than Beach’s Pool before making its final recommendation to Town Council.

Louise Perkins