Letter - Answer injustice with solidarity

To the editor;

Last year a moment became a movement, and we are still moving. Last year our community was faced with a pandemic, a financial crisis, and the increased killing of people of color. In a time when we faced many fears, we stood together for what was right.

A few months ago, the EDIT task force was formed. Impassioned neighbors reached out with a desire to serve their community in a new endeavor.

A few weeks ago, a demand for the chair of this committee to step down was made public by a private citizen and echoed by our Police Commission, members of our police union, and our police chief. Why? Because she referenced a symbol co-opted usage by hate groups.

The chair (a volunteer) was threatened both publicly and privately. In addition to name calling, demands to resign, and references to her skin color she was threatened with the burning of a cross on her lawn.

Our outrage as a collective must be for citizens and their right to speech and their right to safety. Questioning and challenging the status quo does not equate to an inability to have rational discourse regarding the future of equity. This is not us versus them.

The work of the EDIT task force has only just begun and the need for their very existence has never been clearer. It is in this very moment that we demonstrate that the answer to injustice is not more injustice. The answer is solidarity. It is up to all of us to stand together and support the task force and all efforts to include the people who do not look like you at the table we all helped to build.

Joy Colon, D-4th District

Trumbull Town Council