Letter - Actions did not match rhetoric

To the editor:

It’s a phrase we hear repeatedly: judge a person by their actions, not their words. One would hope that our elected leaders’ actions match their rhetoric. Trumbull Democrats went back to old partisan ways- promising one thing and doing another.

The council Republicans submitted Scott Zimov, a four-year member of the Board of Finance, for an alternate board position on December 3. Instead, First Selectman Tesoro and the council Democrats solicited a registered Republican, without consulting the Republican Town Committee, and rigged the agenda to fill the two available alternate positions before Mr. Zimov’s appointment could be considered. Despite our efforts at the Dec. 6 meeting, Mr. Zimov’s nomination was rejected.

Mrs. Tesoro complained bitterly during her predecessor’s administration that this type of conduct was unfair. Back in 2015, when Tesoro was a candidate for first selectman, she was quoted in the newspaper as saying “Trumbull has felt like a government with a town, not a town that has a government.” She further recommended that “all elected boards or commissions have at least one alternate of their own political party and of their own choosing.”

Now that she is in charge, she has forgotten that the prior administration appointed her as an alternate to the Board of Finance, notwithstanding her partisanship, and has now walked away from her campaign promises.

Mrs. Tesoro has made it a hallmark of her administration that she wanted to be better than her predecessor. She constantly advocates for more fairness and transparency. Yet, given the chance to act in accordance with her rhetoric, she and her supermajority attempted to mask their partisanship by suggesting new volunteers should be given a chance to serve and sadly resorted to the old bait and switch of politics.

If we are ever to move towards a more bipartisan local government, it will take a leader willing to put a stop to the back and forth of “well you did it first, so now I get to do it.” Someone needs to step up and say, “I don’t care what happened before…we are doing this because it is the right thing to do.”

Throughout the last two campaigns First Selectman Tesoro claimed to be that person and the voters of Trumbull overwhelmingly believed that sentiment as evidenced by the most recent election. But actions speak louder than words and Tesoro’s actions last night were no different than the actions she spent eight years condemning.

Trumbull residents deserve better.

Town Council Republican Caucus

Carl A Massaro Jr

Lori Rosasco Schwartz

Donna Seidell

Tony Scinto

Steve LeMoine