Letter: A vote for civility

To the Letter:

I am David Kayne, candidate for constable. Why? Because, due to Trumbull politics becoming so divisive, it’s the only office for which my spouse would allow me to run!

I enjoy community/government service and the political process, just not the politics which comes with it. I’ve been to Washington, but cannot fathom how anything gets done; I am not a politician.

I have been endorsed by two of Trumbull’s own State Marshals: Sara M. & Ernest A. Laden. Constables do essentially what state marshals do, but only in Trumbull and only when specifically sought out; I received a 97% score on the most recent Connecticut state marshal exam. Also, I’m taking EMR training through Trumbull EMS with my goal of being a volunteer ambulance driver.

My family moved to Trumbull in 2002 due to its proximity, affordability and schools’ reputation. I was invited into local government service by then First Selectman Ray Baldwin and, due to my being an independent insurance agent, asked to serve on the subsequently re-constituted Insurance Commission.

Needless to say, I want to be more involved; to do and give back more to Trumbull. The position of constable is a start, albeit not directly; from it I hope to be more of a gadfly and help the taxpaying residents of Trumbull be better informed as to what's going on at Town Hall and around town. Please mark box 17B on your ballot; a vote for David Kayne is a vote for civility in Trumbull politics. Thank you.

David Kayne