Letter: A time to come together, not fight

To the Editor:

I was hoping that our local politicians might give it a rest after the election so that the town can enjoy the holiday season, free of political attacks and hubris, but Mark Smith, a Republican, couldn’t resist. He launched into a scathing attack on the local Democrats, cloaked as helpful advice.

Mr. Smith, I have some advice for you and your fellow Republicans. You should really try to fix your own party before giving unsolicited feedback. It’s a big world outside of Trumbull. There is not one single Republican Representative or Senator in Washington from Connecticut. Republicans just lost Norwalk and Stamford in Republican lower Fairfield County to Democrats. Democrats have a mighty advantage in both houses of the Connecticut State Legislature. The Governor and all the Constitutional Officers in Connecticut are Democrats. There are NO Republican Representatives in Congress from any New England State, not even one. There are only two senators out of 12 that are Republicans from New England. Across the country, the 12 largest cities in the country have Democratic mayors, and 27 of the largest 30 cities in America have Democratic mayors. Democrats control the U.S. Senate, made gains in the House in 2012 and they have won the popular vote in five of the last six Presidential elections. In several national polls, Republicans are at their lowest approval rating in history. Mark Smith, you would be better served and more gracious to avoid gloating over a local victory and help get your own Republican house in order first.

While Mr. Smith is in the advice-giving mood, I hope he will also give some practical advice to one of his fellow Republicans, State Representative David Rutigliano. In the last legislative session, David Rutigliano voted against AN ACT CONCERNING GUN VIOLENCE PREVENTION AND CHILDREN'S SAFETY, the historic gun legislation that passed by a 105-44 vote in the State House. This bill was supported by Pat Llodra, the Republican First Selectwoman of Newtown and Senate Republican Minority Leader John McKinney! David Rutigliano also voted against the bill to increase the Connecticut minimum wage.

The election is over. We all need a break from the constant political fighting. Please Mark Smith, put down your pen and try to enjoy everything the holiday season has to offer. Let Peace and Love surround you. This should be a time when our town can come together, without attempts to further divide. Thank you.

Magda Lowenberg