Letter: A politician who sees the light

To the Editor:

President Ronald Reagan said, “When you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat.” It’s time to make our leaders feel the heat for Obamacare. The role of government leaders is to be our voice and protect our interests. How can we look to some leaders with confidence when there is distrust and a dense fog of confusion?

Some leaders abandoned their roles as they neglected to protect Americans right to privacy and security caused by the problematic website and other issues. Leaders need to stop reaching into our wallets and adding to our burdens.

Congressman Himes and others said that we could keep our private health insurance and Medicare, only to find insurance cancellation notices in some of our mailboxes. Government has added more stress. Americans deal with uncertainty at work while managing finances at home. Bills for heating oil and mortgages create tension. We see layoffs and wonder, “Am I next?.”

We are told one thing about Obamacare and then the opposite occurs. In this fog we go slowly and absorb the mixed messages about Obamacare. Congressman Himes back peddled when some mentioned cancellation notices that were received. His response was that they can call his office and he can help. The issue is that offering to help has come too late in this debacle.

Some leaders support their own party members rather than question and challenge Obamacare.

Government should be run like a business. The Obamacare website should not have been launched without proper testing, quality assurance and security measures. If this type of website were to be launched in a business, the individuals or department heads responsible for creating and overseeing this type of website would have been terminated. The words on the termination notice would be: “Terminated due to failure to perform duties and responsibilities as required.” This should apply to some of our leaders and others. Our government has made Americans susceptible to personal information being exposed through the Obamacare website.

Obamacare negatively impacts us financially. A Seattle hairstylist found out that her health insurance was going to be cancelled. She learned that the option was to have an insurance plan with a deductible that would triple. Some people are thinking about being without health insurance. I remember hearing someone saying, “This nightmare must end. I am at a point where I feel like being without insurance.” Another person said, “With my rent, my car payment, car insurance, and utilities, I barely have enough money for groceries let alone health insurance.” There are still no job creation plans or resolution to the Obamacare dilemma.

We need Dan Debicella as Congressman in the 4th Connecticut district. He has a clear vision, integrity, and will put people first with his strong job creation plans and solutions. In this red tape, confusion and broken promises new leadership is needed. Most of all, he will watch our wallets. Dan Debicella “sees the light” and will be the right leader in the 4th Congressional district.

Joanna Leone