Letter: A mindful Thanksgiving

To the Editor:

It is Thanksgiving. The table is dressed, dinner prepared, family gathered. It is a time when some experience an elevated level of anxiety. It is the holidays. Yet it is the perfect time to be mindful. Being mindful is the process of making all of our speech and actions, eating and drinking, moving around within the moment. The sense of calm and peacefulness may be difficult to achieve with an unpleasant mind. By exercising mindfulness, know when to stop and reflect upon the experience. Be mindful of the positive: a pleasant smell, the taste of the food, the feeling of a crisp tablecloth against the skin. Practice with your mind until it is refined. Practicing mindfulness is like working through the evolution of a tree. The rough edges get chipped away and smoothed to a finished piece of wood furniture. Take the stressors; chip the stressors away; breathe deeply, and find the path to peace. Retrain your mind to go against the natural tendencies of stress and have a mindful Thanksgiving.

Theresa Burden