Letter - A fiscal hall of mirrors

To the editor:

Trumbull Democrats have built a fiscal hall of mirrors leaving residents with an expensive bill.

Just look at the facts. First, 2021-22 budgeted expenses increased by a massive $5.5 million. The cure? The federal government stepped in with a $5 million stimulus check covering all but $500,000 of expenses.

So, ask yourself, why is there a 2 percent tax increase? Wasn’t the administration able to find offsetting spending reductions anywhere? Friends, we aren’t being taxed too little, our local government is spending too much - again. The first selectman says there is lost revenue to cover in the budget, but that is simply not true. Why? Because revenue is flat with last year. No real growth in our grand list or increase in our tax rolls. In fact, because of lower expenses due to the COVID shutdown, the administration projects a surplus, yet they are still raising our taxes. That is not leadership, that’s poor fiscal management.

To add to the problem, the Democrats ransacked $2.8 million from Trumbull’s rainy-day fund last year to tout a 0 percent tax increase. You can do it once, but you must dig out of the hole you have created; that’s not leadership, it is political expediency. With expenses up over $10 million in two years, when D.C. says, “no more,” taxpayers are stuck with another local tax increase to pay. So brace now for a bumpy ride when your tax bill arrives and/or risk losing many of the essential services we now enjoy.

We must reset the hall of fiscal responsibility. Trumbull needs new, responsible, and creative leadership to stop the mismanagement and use of one-time budget gimmicks so we don’t get lost in a hall of mirrors.

Mark Block, secretary

Trumbull Republican Town Committee