LETTER - Understand the gravity of free speech

To the editor:

I recently read the article in the Trumbull Times of an event which occurred in our town. It involved three teenagers who removed signs from another person’s property. They were then caught.

They admitted to the crime. When asked why they stole these signs, they responded they didn’t agree with the movement the signs were supporting.

I do not know what the signs said, nor do I know what movement they support. These children clearly do not understand the First Amendment.

The First Amendment is the first one for a reason. No one has the right to suppress another’s opinion. Peruse the globe and look at countries which have suppressed free speech. Not pretty. Do these children wish they could live under any of these suppressive regimes?

Now, what bothers me most about this story regards complicit adults. I wonder if their parents knew what they did? If so, do these complicit adults understand the gravity of free speech? I doubt it.

Scott C. Thornton