Impressed with Tesoro’s quiet, respectful effectiveness

To the editor:

I moved to Trumbull more than 25 years ago because of Trumbull’s reputation for good schools, safe neighborhoods, beautiful parks and welcoming community. I’ve known Vicki Tesoro since my eldest started school at Tashua. I’ve always admired her energy, dedication and interest in making improvements to every aspect of our town. She continued her involvement as PTA president from elementary school through middle and high school. I continued to be impressed with her quiet and respectful, yet effective way of getting things done. I felt secure in knowing that our schools were in good hands, thanks to her leadership.

I was pleased to see her involvement expand to encompass the Board of Finance and Town Council as well as many other committees on behalf of the town of Trumbull.

I appreciated how she’d ask for input, build consensus and respect everyone’s perspectives. I was thrilled to welcome her as first selectman. Again, it felt comforting to know our town would be run professionally, efficiently and respectfully.

Yes, she is a democrat, yet her focus on keeping a balanced budget and serving the town transcends politics. She is not serving her own political agenda or using her position to build a political career. Instead, she is working for all our residents to keep Trumbull a safe and welcoming community with good services and a balanced budget. She spends her time building bridges with other communities and commissions welcoming all input.

What a treat to have a very bright, caring, selfless leader working on our behalf! Once again, I am proud to live in Trumbull. Thank you, Vicki, for all you continue to do. I sure hope residents will choose a candidate who is acting in the best interest of us all.

Valerie Newman