To the editor:

I’ve knocked on doors all over town this campaign season. I’ve been on Hurd Road in the far northeast corner near Shelton, and walked Plumtree Lane in the far southwest, near Fairfield and Easton. I’ve canvassed Partridge Lane in Nichols, close to the Merritt Parkway, and Coventry Lane, close to Monroe.

The most frequent comment I’ve gotten hasn’t been about taxes, schools, or development. The most common voter response has been, “I know Vicki. She’s got our vote.”

When a political candidate elicits that kind of reaction—people have a valued personal relationship with Vicki—it’s an indication that the candidate has done many good things for the community over many years, and not just through politics.

Our kids and the Tesoro kids are the same ages, they went through the schools together. Tom and Vicki never fail to ask about them. When we first moved to town, our daughter Jen—she was probably in second grade—played on a softball team coached by Tom Tesoro. Jen might have been the least capable player on the team, but Tom treated her like a star. It was the kind of experience that both kids and parents remember for years.

Vicki’s style has always been even keeled and inclusive. She avoids gratuitous jabs. There’s no drama, no acrimony, no enemies. Trumbull for the past two years has been a town at peace with itself, a town that celebrates its best characteristics, whose leaders don’t bring out its worst. (One voter I met on Glenwood Drive told me he couldn’t remember the name of “the lady who’s first selectman, but everything’s quiet, so things must be going well.”)

The past two years have demonstrated something else, too. Vicki Tesoro is a really good municipal manager. She’s delivered two consecutive years of very low tax increases without gimmicks. She’s increased spending for the schools, even while holding the line on taxes. As an alternate on the Board of Finance for the last two years, I saw Vicki’s mastery of budgets and operations of the town’s departments. From police to public works, and from the senior center to the library, Vicki knows exactly how taxpayer money is being used, and she insists on innovation and efficiency.

Our town is being led not just by a good person, but by an excellent manager. Vicki has more than earned another term.

Tony Silber (D)

Planning & Zoning Commission