Honored to be a school board candidate

To the editor:

I am honored to be a candidate for the Board of Education running along side Vicki Tesoro and the other qualified and committed Democratic candidates for town office. I’ll be even more honored to be elected to serve a two-year term on November 5.

I’ve held our BOE in high esteem since my time as PTSA President when I started to learn just how complex it is to run a school district of Trumbull’s size. If you think about what is involved in running a $100mm organization with more than 11 facilities, 1,160 employees, over 6,700 students, that is dependent on state grants to minimize local tax burden, and accountable to state and federal oversight, you only begin to comprehend the job of our superintendent and board of education.

As a director of compliance reporting for a network of charter schools that operates in CT, NY, and RI, I have a unique perspective on the complexity our administrators and board face on a daily basis. I’m also a parent of a current THS student and appreciate the quality of education we’ve provided based on the success of my two older sons.

I fully endorse the education platform of Vicki Tesoro — investment; security, capital planning, state advocacy, and shared services — and the work we need to do doesn’t stop there. With decades of experience advocating for students and teachers, Vicki knows what is necessary to keep our schools strong. The times are changing, funding sources are shifting, student needs are increasing, and the importance of a college and career readiness program is critical for our students’ success.

I’ve raised money for our schools as a Fathers Club leader, advocated for students and teachers as a PTSA president, and worked closely with the district office and THS staff to support our nationally recognized marching band. In each of these roles, I’ve prioritized communication and transparency. I look forward to continuing my track record of dedication, communication, and teamwork as a member of the Board of Education, working alongside the community’s other elected members regardless of their party.

Please come out on November 5 to support those candidates that have pledged to support you as residents of Trumbull.

Scot Kerr, candidate (D)

Board of Education