To the editor:

The former Speaker of the U. S. House of Representatives, Tip O’Neill, was famous for saying, “All politics are local.”

I am astounded when I talk to the people of Trumbull, that so few through no fault of their own, know what is going on in our fair town. It is surprising that in all of the walking I have done in this campaign that rarely does anyone know about the Tesoro appointed building committee considering an $11 million pool proposal. Yes, my friends, that wasn’t a typographical error, currently an $11 million plus dollar pool. And, not just a pool, but the complete ruin of five acres of beautiful and pristine wood lands at Beach Memorial Park. It is possible you haven’t heard of it is because the fancy words for this pool is an “aquatic center.” Well, call it what you will, it’s a pool.

Where is the transparency this administration promised in the last campaign? Where is the openness and public input that a significant project like this requires? Most of all, where is the survey and public forums for residents to express their views? I know the committee meetings are open to the public and posted on the town website. How about a press release. How about a concept rendering of this pool which the committee has had for months and the project proposal presented so the people of Trumbull will know about it? How about a call for a referendum today so the people can have a say? Is it possible that the cost is being projected below $15 million so the Democratic controlled Town Council can pass it without a referendum? These are all questions we should be asking ourselves. By the way, you are probably asking yourself whatever happened to the referendum on the community center. Well, that my friends was just about the first thing the current administration shelved when they came to office. Yes, two years of bipartisan work by residents like you was pushed off to the side because this administration didn’t deem it in the best interest of the community. It would have been responsible if they had let you decided that for yourself.

This is a far cry from what we were promised two years ago. We need change in Trumbull. Mike Herbst and his entire team offer us the opportunity for a truly open and transparent local government. Be sure to vote Row B on November 5th. Be sure to vote for a better Trumbull.

Joe Pifko, (R) candidate

Town Council