Herbst: Malloy budget puts 'tremendous burden' on local taxpayers

For the last three years, we have worked day and night to provide relief to Trumbull taxpayers. It’s ironic that after pushing through the largest tax increase in state history, Governor Malloy is now trying to make nice with voters by slashing a local revenue source that could lead to a dramatic increase in local property taxes as well as more local taxes.

While I am pleased that Trumbull received some additional funding through the ECS (Educational Cost Sharing) grant and LOCIP (Local Capital Improvement Program), overall, Governor Malloy has shifted a tremendous revenue burden to local property taxpayers. It’s easier for Governor Malloy to pass the burden to us rather than taking the lead himself.

What’s pretty alarming is that in this economic climate, the governor is proposing $1.8 billion of new spending, representing an increase of 9.7%.

If the governor is really committed to reducing spending, I think he should start with the $1 million of overtime for his security detail, incurred by Connecticut taxpayers.

I will do everything I can to keep down taxes, and that includes rallying legislative and municipal leaders from around the state to derail the governor’s proposed budget, but if local taxes do rise we can thank Governor Malloy.