Gallo will be a refreshing voice on school board

To the editor:

I am fortunate to have been born and raised in Trumbull by two loving and caring parents who chose to raise their four children in Trumbull, a suburb of Bridgeport during the mid-1960’s to 1980’s. My mother continues to live in Trumbull. My brother Mark and his family also choose to live in Trumbull. In addition, I continue to live in Trumbull and call this great community my home.

A big part of the reason that I choose to live in Trumbull is the Trumbull Community … The friends, neighbors, colleagues and acquaintances that I see each and every day at the gas station, grocery store, restaurants and other places that I happen to frequent often. It is always nice to see people and say hello or catch up on how things are going.

I believe that Education is the foundation of our wonderful Trumbull Community. I am a proud product of our Trumbull Public School system from 1st grade thru 9th grade. I attended Tashua School, Middlebrook Elementary and Madison Middle School and I enjoyed learning from all of my teachers, some of them I am still friends with to this day!

This November is an important election. The Board of Education is an important and powerful board within our Community. It is essential that our electorate should not take decision making lightly when it comes to the candidates for the Board of Education.

I am supporting Timothy Gallo in this election.

I have known Tim and his family since we were kids. His mother and father were wonderful people. Tim and his brothers, Skip and Todd have been friends since the days of the old Italian Community Center on Park Avenue. My friendship with Tim continued when we both were students at Sacred Heart University.

Tim chose a path in education after graduating SHU. He has been involved in education as a hard- working and admired teacher and administrator. In addition, he has been involved as a parent to two incredible children who attended Trumbull Public Schools. Tim’s experience as an educator and parent will be invaluable and refreshing on the Board of Education.

Take the time to get to know Tim and you will find that he is not only a loving and caring husband and involved parent to his children, but also incredibly bright and specifically in touch with our ever-changing public education system.

Tim will be a refreshing knowledgeable voice on the Board of Education.

The Board of Education can use a man like Tim Gallo.

Matt Reale (D)

Zoning Board of Appeals