GOP responds to Dems statement on Deborah Herbst

Trumbull Republican Town Committee Chairman Jack Testani on Monday called on Tony Silber “Marketing Communications Director” for the Trumbull Democratic Party to issue an immediate statement of apology to Mrs. Deborah Herbst and to Trumbull Voters for the insulting accusations he made yesterday:

“It is interesting that Trumbull Democrats campaigned on a promise to keep politics out of education and it took them less than a week to go back on their promise. It would appear that the Democratic Party is a house divided in Trumbull. Testani said

Testani went on to say “ In 2011, Mrs. Herbst was unanimously elected Vice Chair of the Board of Education when the Democrats had a 5-2 majority on the board. Mr. Silber and Trumbull Democrats had no problem then with her assuming a leadership role within the Board of Education. Mrs. Herbst has been on the Board of Education for the last 10 years and for 6 of those 10 years, her colleagues, both Republican and Democrat, unanimously elected her Vice Chair. Last week, not only was Mrs. Herbst unanimously elected Chair of the Board of Education, but she was nominated and seconded by Rosemary Seaman and Mike Ward, two well respected Democrats who have served admirably on the Board of Education. “

Mr.Testani continued: “ If the leadership of the Trumbull Democratic Party conducted themselves with the same level of professionalism exhibited by their Democratic colleagues, Mrs. Seaman and Mr. Ward; Trumbull Democrats would be taken more seriously by the Trumbull electorate.”

“Regarding Mr. Silber's contention of a concentration of budgetary power, the double standard is mind numbing. The only town body that has final say over the budget is the Trumbull Town Council. Trumbull Democrats had no problem nominating Vicki Tesoro to serve on the Town Council and take actions to adopt a municipal budget when her husband was an elected member of the Board of Finance, a separate legal entity involved in the Town budget process. Trumbull Democrats also had no problem when Dave Wilson was Chairman of the Police Commission and a member of the Trumbull Police Pension Board, receiving pension benefits as a police retiree. They also had no concern in this regard when they nominated Ray Baldwin, another police retiree, to serve on the Police Commission two years ago. This further amplifies the point that Trumbull Republicans made in the campaign; Trumbull Democrats have been hijacked by people with personal vendettas. The current leadership of the Trumbull Democratic Party relies on half-truths, misogyny and innuendo and will disregard the assertions of those within their own party who want to act with professionalism. This strategy is exactly why the Trumbull Democratic Party just lost a municipal election by 40 percentage points.”