GOP Chairman endorses slate

As Chairman of the Trumbull Republican Town Committee, I have the pleasure of working closely with our candidates during election time. This year, we have a unique group of candidates running for public office.

It is with great pride that I endorse every single person on the incredible team of Republican candidates. Our team consists of financial professionals, lawyers, educators, small business owners, PTA leaders, civic organizers, mothers, fathers, grandparents, young adults and seniors that want to build a better Trumbull. The Trumbull Republican Party has candidates that have served our country honorably in Vietnam and honorably as police officers. Many people on our ticket are lifelong Trumbullites that came back to the town they were raised in so their families can enjoy the same opportunities they were provided. The Republican team this year represents the very best of Trumbull in every way.

As our First Selectman, Timothy Herbst says the strength of any community rests upon three pillars: Strong finances, strong schools and a strong quality of life. Over the past four years, under the leadership of First Selectman Herbst, Trumbull has made significant improvements in all three pillars. Trumbull taxpayers deserve to have what are now stable taxes, focus on addressing the pension fund deficits, full-day kindergarten has been implemented and Trumbull is better off today than we were four years ago. Electing Republican candidates will continue to ensure that the reality of Trumbull meets the promise of Trumbull.

Starting with our top of the ticket, First Selectman Tim Herbst, Town Treasurer John Ponzio, and Town Clerk Suzanne Burr Monaco have done an outstanding job over the past four years leading our town.

Republican Board of Finance candidate, Roy Molgard and Board of Education candidates, Susan LaFrance, Joe Peddle and Jeffrey Donofrio are outstanding pillars in the community and have the knowledge, experience and passion to continue to represent the voters of Trumbull over the next two years.

We have 17 outstanding candidates for Town Council; District 1 candidates Suzanne Testani, Ennio DeVita, Vincent DiMasi Jr. and Johanna Dineley, District 2 candidates Edna Colucci, Ken Martin, Sr., Cindy Penkoff, and Tony Scinto, District 3 candidates James Blose, Michael London, Carl Massaro Jr., and Lori Rosasco Schwartz and District 4 candidates Rick Costantini, Ann Marie Evangelista, Beth Llodra Gilman, Mark LeClair and Joe Pifko.

Our great candidates also include Constables James Battistelli, Victor Pioli, Planning and Zoning candidates David Preusch, and William Haberlin, Zoning Board of Appeals candidate Richard Dick Mayo and Board of Assessment Appeals candidate Justin Rice

Please refer to and or call 203-212-8282 for questions and a ride to the polls. Please remember to vote on two sides of the ballot on Nov. 5 and elect the team of Republican candidates that will allow Trumbull to continue to be a great community to live, work and play.