To the editor:

After 28 years serving as CEO of the Bridgeport Regional Business Council and 3 years in commercial real estate and business consulting, I have decided to again seek public office as a candidate for the Board of Finance.

I have made this decision to re-enter the arena for four reasons: first, I have always had a passion for public service and believe strongly in the uniqueness of our representative democracy and the strength in its preservation that comes from good people doing good work on behalf of their neighbors; second, the state of the current local political environment created by Vicki Tesoro’s leadership - after the previous years of pure partisanship and non-stop conflict - matches my preferred style of governing; third, the current state of our national discourse, the degradation of our politics, and our increasing uncivil governing environment, further convinces me that all politics is local and the continued success of our democratic experiment, requires the engagement of more of us that place importance on doing what is right and demonstrating respect for other opinions; lastly, is my high regard for Trumbull’s First Selectman, Vicki Tesoro, and my desire to assist her in her quest to make a great community even greater.

In 1971, while teaching in Trumbull, I was appointed to serve on the town’s Conservation Commission. In 1973, I became a member of the Inland-Wetlands Commission and authored the town’s Wetlands regulations. In 1975, the Democratic Party invited me to seek elective office, and then served as Town Clerk for 3 terms winning each election by wider margins. In 1981, I was elected as first selectman. I was re-elected in 1983 by the widest margin in our town’s history, a still standing record. That tenure was followed by a stint on the Board of Education. I cite this record of public service only in an effort to convince readers of my work ethic and my commitment to public service.

I promise only two things if elected. I will work hard and work on your behalf to assist Vicki Tesoro and my Democratic and Republican colleagues to make a good place even better.

Paul Timpanelli, candidate

Board of Finance (D)