As your first selectman, I know that our town must remain competitive and affordable to residents and businesses alike while maintaining the high quality of life we enjoy.

This means stable taxes, smart restrained spending, and a strong credit rating.

In my two years in office fiscal responsibility has been at the core of my administration.

● We kept taxes stable and spending in check.

● We maintained our commitment to invest in education, public safety, senior services, and other critical town wide needs.

● We maintained a robust general fund, and did not use our Town savings account to artificially lower taxes as has been done in prior administrations.

● We used part of our surplus to make an additional $500,000 contribution to our underfunded pension funds over and above that recommended by the actuary.

● We delivered safe and focused economic development to grow our grand list while preserving and enhancing the quality and character of our community.

● We began discussions with the Board of Education to identify opportunities for shared services to end duplication of expenses.

● We refinanced debt, saving the taxpayers $475,000 over five years.

● We maintained our AA+ plus bond rating and were praised by the rating agencies for our conservative and sound fiscal management.

I will continue to make sure that our taxes remain as low as possible.

I will ensure that every dollar spent on behalf of Trumbull taxpayers improves our residents’ quality of life and protects our property values.

I will maintain my commitment to invest in public safety, education, senior services and other critical town wide needs while maintaining a stable tax rate.

Budgets will continue to be transparent, realistic, and properly prioritized.