Now more than ever, Town Hall should be listening to the concerns of residents, not silencing their voices. The First Selectman is the leader of the community and is responsible to the residents. The First Selectman provides a voice for the community if the First Selectman deems it appropriate. The current First Selectman has advocated on behalf of developers during zoning hearings, but she has not attended a zoning hearing and opposed a project. While it is unrealistic for the First Selectman to offer comment on every application that comes before our zoning boards, I believe that projects with a lasting impact on the skyline and the services of our town, the First Selectman should absolutely be on record. She should be vocal about either her support or her opposition.

There has been a drastic change in policy over the course of the last two years as it relates to land use. Previously, only underutilized industrial property was rezoned. The current administration has taken it a step further - they have taken commercial property and rezoned it to multi-unit residential. Commercial property is valuable. It provides us with a way to grow the commercial tax- base so we offset the burden on residential taxpayers. Commercial property places less of a drain on town services versus residential property. When you remove valuable commercial property and re-zone it as multi-unit residential, it is inevitable that residential property taxes will increase and will do so indefinitely. Further burdens will be placed on our schools, police, and other emergency services.

Being a leader means letting everyone know where you stand on issues. I do not, and will not, support zone changes to commercial property for multi-unit residential development. I do not support construction of apartments at the Trumbull Mall. As of today, there are no other public proposals in Connecticut for residential development at town malls.

Walking door to door, I have met a lot of senior homeowners who want to continue to stay in their homes. I believe we should consider allowing residents more flexibility to make appropriate changes to their own property to allow multi-generational living that will not permanently affect the skyline of Trumbull. Accessory Dwelling Units, granny flats, or in-law suites may be more viable options for Trumbull. These options can adapt to changes in consumer behavior without compromising the visual character of the town. They can provide homeowners with additional sources of income without the additional burdens to town services. Whether you agree or disagree, you know where my team and I stand. I am incredibly proud and grateful for the hard work and support of the team of candidates running for elected office on Row B.