To the editor:

Thank you Trumbull, for allowing me to represent you. As a candidate for Planning and Zoning, I will not begin by telling you how great I am and how bad the other candidates are. I will simply share some facts about actual accomplishments for Trumbull, the unique P&Z rules, and social media’s impact.

I have spent 10 years working together with the entire commission, where the majority of approvals are bipartisan. I explain the complexities of each application, so the audience in attendance and watching from home can better understand the process. My record of apolitical decisions based on what is best for the character of Trumbull, its citizens, and the applicants, is clear. All three parts must be equally weighed with every decision.

Through both my guidance, and the commission’s collaboration; we have successfully avoided the threats of affordable housing on multiple occasions, in areas of Trumbull where it would not fit; we have increased parking requirements for commercial developments. I voted “No” against the language to allow apartments at Westfield Mall, as I wanted the mall to share their future plans before voting.

Suddenly, Economic Development and Growth is bad? I voted “Yes” for the change that would allow a triple development on Monroe Turnpike/Rte. 25 for age restricted senior housing, assisted living, and dementia care. That change only increased Trumbull’s age restricted Housing provisions. A clear win for Trumbull, now being misrepresented for political purposes. The opposition would lead you to believe that cities and towns should over-extend their town services before economic development? Really? Accurately, there would be no extended burden on Trumbull services here.

The rules governing zoning commissioners is stricter than other positions, so as to maintain neutrality and predisposition claims. Shockingly, the Republican P&Z candidates are clearly speaking out against certain types of development, showing their unpreparedness. If elected, in accordance with the law, they could not preside over future Trumbull zoning applications on those topics, as they have made public their predisposition to those developments and they are no longer neutral commissioners. Their campaign literature and social media postings have effectively disqualified their ability to represent you.

Social media impact on municipal proceedings requires cognizance of living in both - an electronic information and misinformation age, and understanding that opinions do not equal facts. Gathering support or resistance on Social Media is part of the goodness. Importantly, people in Trumbull are continuously being misled by inaccurate online opinions being presented as fact, and it is hurting us all.

Planning and Zoning should never be political. Unfortunately, our decisions become political fodder for others, and sadly, in many cases it is done with inaccurate and purposefully false information.

I try my best to do what's right for Trumbull. I spend many hours volunteering and fundraising, helping numerous charities in the area. All I have is my integrity, and my record of accomplishments, and I am proud of both. I humbly ask for your vote to continue to represent you.

Fred Garrity, chairman (D)

Planning and Zoning