Ellen Beveridge: Tough, empathetic, humble

Ellen Beverage thrived through the glory days of the journalism profession. Ellen began her career on an Underwood typewriter. But, she also operated the old Linotype machine that utilized hot lead to set type, leaving scars on Ellen's arms.

Over Ellen's career, journalism advanced at breakneck speed. Ellen adapted to every technological advancement and utilized the new technology to improve her professionalism.

But Ellen was not one dimensional. As a single mom, she persevered through the pressures of raising children and paying the bills. Every new challenge for Ellen was just another opportunity. She was never a victim, but always expressed good humor and humility. When she saw injustice, she attacked it with empathy and reason.

Ellen's story will probably never be told beyond the local community. Although her life's work was performed on a small stage, her impact has been enormous.