Editorial: Staying #TrumbullStrong

The Trumbull community suffered a terrible loss last Friday, and is still dealing with the sadness, helplessness and all the emotions that go with losing someone so young and so vital.

Students have shared their feelings on social media, in school and among their friends. As many students said, we are #TrumbullStrong. And we need to stay that way.

As a family, a school, a community and a town, everyone feels the loss and expresses it in different ways. To all navigating this tragedy, remember to be kind to one another, now and going forward. Everyone deals with loss in a different way. Be patient. Have hope in better, easier days.

This is still a time for celebrations. On Friday, the Class of 2014 will finish their high school careers. They deserve to be congratulated for a job well done and cherish their moment. Summer is within our reach and soon all students will be rejoicing in the end of another year of hard work and accomplishment. It’s OK to smile and to laugh. We encourage it.

The best way to honor a loved one or friend is to keep going — living your life with joy, love and purpose. For some, that may take some time and some work.

We urge all students and families to take advantage of counseling services, being offered through Trumbull High School and Trumbull’s Mary J. Sherlach Counseling Center. The counseling center can be reached at 203-261-5110 or 203-452-5193. All services are confidential and fees for services related to this tragedy will be waived.

It helps to share these feelings and doing so with a counselor is an important step.

Don’t forget, you are all #TrumbullStrong.