Editorial: Local politics is personal

Summer is winding down but the local election season is just heating up.

Both First Selectman Timothy Herbst and Democratic candidate Martha Jankovic-Mark don’t appear to be willing to waste any of their time leading up to Nov. 6 election.

Things started off with a bang last week, with a press release from Jankovic-Mark, criticizing a hike to sewer fees. Herbst quickly responded with his own criticisms of Mark’s record. Now, supporters on both sides are making their voices heard — you can see a couple of those letters in our Opinion section.

It’s shaping up to be an interesting local election season. As always, we hope both candidates can keep personal attacks to a minimum. That nastiness may attract attention, but it also muddles the issues. We understand it gets personal in local politics.

As your town news source, we will do our best to cover the candidates and all the issues fairly. We hope all Trumbullites will take the time to read the news stories, the opinions, the press releases and come to their own educated decisions on who they want making the decisions that affect their daily lives as residents of Trumbull.

While the First Selectman race will take center stage, it’s also important to learn more about all the candidates running for office, from Board of Education to Planning and Zoning. Some candidates are incumbents with years of volunteer service, others are candidates who have served in the past, so they bring experience, and understanding of where the town has been and is going. Other candidates are new to the political scene altogether and can bring a fresh perspective and the passion and excitement that comes with taking on a new challenge.

Party lines may not always matter as much as choosing a candidate you believe will lead Trumbull in a direction you can agree with. You may be a registered democrat but you may have a neighbor running for office on the republican slate — or vice versa — that you believe in and trust with the future of the your great town.

That can be one of the neat things about local politics, you have a chance to really get to know the people who serve Trumbull.

We also welcome your questions and thoughts during this election season, as well as opinions. Email us at TrumbullTimes@hersamacorn.com