Editorial: A new Trumbull Chat

Much to the disappointment of some and, perhaps, the relief of others, Trumbull Chat has a new look.

The popular online community forum, moderated by the Trumbull Times, now requires commenters to log in through Facebook or LinkedIn — cutting significantly back on the opportunity for anonymous posters. You can check it out at TrumbullChat.com.

For about two years, Trumbull Chat has been moderated by the Times staff. It’s become a popular place for residents to exchange ideas and have long discussions on local topics. It was also a forum to post missing pet notices or upcoming events.

While we don’t doubt that some people have perfectly good reasons for wanting to post anonymously, that anonymity can also breed inappropriate or overly-hostile exchanges. So, like many other media outlets, big and small, it came up in discussion that it might be a positive change to switch to a new format. And we did.

Our traffic to the new site may take a hit, but we hope it can still be a place for valuable and thoughtful community discussion. We welcome all our readers to stay engaged with your community newspaper. If you don’t want to post your opinions on the new Trumbull Chat, comment on our stories, Facebook us, Tweet us or send an email to trumbulltimes@hersamacorn.com.

Trumbull is a community full of engaged and passionate people, so no matter how it happens, we hope you all keep chatting.