To the editor:

In my first term representing District 2, I have had the pleasure of working with my Democratic colleagues on the Town Council to keep the priorities of our neighborhood at the forefront. In the last campaign, I made a pledge to make “honesty, integrity, and transparency” the principles governing my votes to represent our District, and I believe we have worked hard to fulfill that commitment.

I agreed to run on Vicki Tesoro’s ticket because she told me there is room on her team for independent thinkers, and I can assure you she has lived up to that promise. And just like Vicki, the people in D2 might not agree with me on everything, but I will always put in the work to understand our issues, make myself available to them, and give my views frankly and without partisan consideration.

I wasn’t involved in politics during the Herbst years, but if this campaign is any indication, I don’t believe Trumbull can afford to go back. Our neighbors deserve the truth when trusting us with their tax dollars and public safety. Republican D2 candidates making false claims in PTA fundraisers about “huge school budget cuts” (when there was a budget increase) or baseless accusations in Letters to the Editor that the Tesoro administration doesn’t “abide by planning and zoning regulations” don’t serve the public interest. We can do better than that. Our neighbors deserve better than that.

I’ve done my best to serve Trumbull through the Town Council, Committees, Police station renovations, and fighting to protect the historic nature of Nichols. Developments like “Moorefield Farm” require research, dialogue, and should be kept out of politics. On election day, I ask for your vote on “Row A” to ensure the current District 2 leadership can continue their work representing our neighborhood with “honesty, integrity, and transparency.” Thank you.

Keith Klain

Town Council (D)