To the editor:

Over the past few weeks, it has been very disconcerting to open my mailbox and read the extremely negative mailers coming from the campaign of Coach Herbst. The constant drop of strange, mean-spirited and false mail pieces are clearly intended to confuse, mislead, and scare people — especially seniors. I find these tactics extremely dishonest, cowardly, and just plain wrong.

By contrast, the mailers and messaging I see from First Selectman Vicki Tesoro are positive, informative, and respectful, which is very admirable considering how heavy the attacks on her have been.

In every election, I look at the person running, not the party, and decide who I think will be a better representative for our wonderful town. I have not always voted for the Democrat, but in this election, the choice really couldn't be more clear. I will take the candidate who campaigns with grace and dignity, because how you campaign is representative of how you will govern.

Trumbull deserves a chief executive that makes us all proud. I look forward to supporting Vicki Tesoro and her team on Tuesday, November 5.

Laura Citarella