To the editor:

For 12 years I have had the honor to serve as your Town Clerk. Recently - especially in the last two years - I have been disheartened and disturbed with the level of vicious vitriol on social media directed at candidates with excellent reputations. These are attacks that malign and denigrate very good work done by volunteers -people who work and give their time and talent for free. It seems whenever someone has a differing point of view, they are instantly put down and personally attacked.

It seems it has become standard procedure to “speak our mind” even if we have no idea of the facts, or lack thereof. Saying and accusing people of bigotry and hate is abhorrent and can ruin good people for no good reason. To stand by and allow it to happen makes each of us as bad as the false accuser.

It is time to take a deep breath and realize that except for the First Selectman, Town Clerk, Town Treasurer and Registrars of Voters, all other elected offices are volunteers. The people that do the most attacking should try and accomplish something positive for our Town. Run for office (which is not easy), volunteer for your community. This is more productive than character assassinations on social media.

The people who preach “civility” the most, practice it the least. When good people see this behavior on social media - sometimes from our elected officials - it discourages good people from participating in the political process. Trumbull can set a better example than the vitriol that has been standard lately.

Suzanne Burr Monaco

Town Clerk