Developers finally got their wish

To the editor:

So they finally got their wish, they approved “age-restricted homes” on Huntington Turnpike at the Moorefield Farm. Down from 11 units to 10, whoopee!

These developers love to get their hands on any piece of green grass they can to build more and more. Slowly ruining the character of Trumbull.

It’s one of the reasons I drive very cautiously on the streets of Trumbull, especially Nichols. The deer and woodland animals have no place to live and roam anymore.

You already have two new homes built nearby not selling (yet) and another off Booth Hill with a for-sale sign in front for months along with extra lots waiting.

A lot of folks from Trumbull don’t use Huntington Turnpike much but we do. St. Joe’s keeps growing and growing, did you drive by there when school starts? Try a Saturday football game.

Fuggetaboutit, now you made the area more dense. I truly believe Nichols is one of the nicest areas around. Thank you Planning and Zoning. We are planning on leaving soon.

Mike Mastroni