To the editor:

I am writing in response to the November 7, 2019 editorial response in the Trumbull Times. The reasons given for the media endorsing a candidate, in my opinion, are flawed.

I have to go back to my youth when I watched the Vietnam body counts and events of the battles each night on the evening news. The United States body counts and events never matched the North Vietnam account.

Way back then I firmly believed our accounts were accurate as we were a fair and unbiased media who were just simply providing the facts, and they were not. Sadly, I cannot say what our media reports today is fair, unbiased news. Your editorial goes on to justify your “candidate of choice” support.

Your JOB is to provide facts so your readers can make their own choice. By supporting one candidate over another is robbing them of their choice.

I especially find this comment troublesome, “ embers of the editorial board consider thoughtful social media observations.” What does that mean? The comments that support your biased side of the issues are the ones that count?

No, the media has an obligation to provide unbiased reporting of fact so the public can make a reasonable conclusion of the facts. Your job is not to influence elections, which is what it has become, and which is why is it called “fake news.”

Steve Lemoine (R-4th)