To the editor:

The report by Donald Eng on Nov. 3 about a new aquatics center for Trumbull has taken another step in the direction of Beach Memorial Park with the Dec. 12 Aquatics Facilities Building Committee’s vote to recommend this site. This comes while further reports from town departments and experts are pending.

I have lived in Trumbull for 45 years and support the need for a new facility. However, the park is currently a haven of peace and quiet. Seeing birds, deer, turkey and our bobcat always pleases. I walk the trails regularly and meet others enjoying themselves too. If this project goes forward I will see a tall, 24,000 sf building that is open twelve months a year, close to the road and wetlands, instead of a small community pool open seasonally, nestled in a quiet park.

One access from Beach Memorial Road meanders through the park with no sidewalks or street lighting and is used by walkers, bikers, runners, dog walkers, high school track team, and seniors from Stern Village. Increased traffic would certainly be unpleasant for users and raises the risk of accidents. Traffic at the intersection of Hedgehog Road and Daniels Farm Road is already hazardous. Adding additional vehicles to and from an aquatics center will make matters worse.

While I understand that professional reports are pending, as is a community survey, I suggest that the committee needs to slow down and consider the other options our town affords. It is disturbing that the Parks and Recreation Commission has not been involved in the selection process when, by town charter, their duties are the “, management, and control of all parks and grounds used for park and recreational purposes and all structures thereon…”

Richard Ruby