To the editor:

I am writing to you today to share with you my personal experience in getting to know Edna Colucci, candidate for Town Clerk. My family moved to Trumbull three years ago from a neighboring town and I was fortunate to become acquainted with Edna. I have found Edna to be one of the most reliable and trustworthy people I have encountered. The passion and enthusiasm she shows in her everyday life as a Mom, practicing attorney and Town Council member is extraordinary.

As I have come to learn of Edna’s professional background as a former middle school teacher turned lawyer, along with her being a member of the Trumbull community for over a decade, it is clear that her perspective comes from a foundation of knowledge and experience. Aside from her professional resume, Edna is involved in all aspects of our community through her family and drive to do what’s best for our town. Her oldest son, a graduate of Trumbull High School, is currently playing collegiate baseball after representing the town of Trumbull on its many baseball fields for years while growing up here. Edna’s younger son and daughter are currently students at Hillcrest Middle School. Both kids can be found on any of Trumbull’s sports fields/courts most days of the week, practicing not only their craft but also good sportsmanship. I admire Edna as family-oriented person which regardless of political affiliation, most people can relate to. It is fortunate for the residents of Trumbull that she views her community as an extension of her family.

In the few years that I have lived in Trumbull, my family and I have come to truly love the town and community alike. The foundation of a great town are its residents and it is critical we have a voice through those who represent us. I can say with great confidence as a friend, mother and tax paying resident, that Edna will represent us as Town Clerk with the highest level of integrity and thoughtfulness.

Jessica K. Carroll