Campaign mailer attacked volunteer

To the editor:

Team Tesoro is running a positive, issue-oriented campaign. When running a positive campaign, it can be quite challenging to respond when your opponent makes statements which are misleading or false. Our opponents sent out another negative mailer, and one of the items said that Trumbull is the only town that has two chief administrative officers and a communications director. It was intended to infer that we are spending too much money.

I thought about this and decided that rather than respond with something negative, I would just talk about Trumbull’s “communications director,” Kathy Champion.

The first thing I want to tell you is that Kathy is a volunteer. Kathy does not get paid, she has not made one dime. She has volunteered over 1,000 hours to Trumbull over the past two years to help drive transparent communications for Trumbull and increase public awareness. She is also helping transition the town’s website to a new, modern platform.

Kathy is an eminently qualified communications professional. She has a BA in Internal Communications from Villanova University. She has been an Affiliate News Manager for ABC News Radio. Kathy was an Assistant Producer for Sam Donaldson’s radio show. She was a Producer for ABC TV News and worked non-stop for many hours on their 9/11 news coverage, for which ABC won a Peabody award. Kathy and her husband Jared live here in Trumbull with three beautiful children.

We are going to stick to our principles and keep this campaign positive, and Kathy Champion is certainly worthy of a positive shout out for giving back to her community. Thank you, Kathy! And thank you, Trumbull, for reading!

Tom Kelly, chairman

Trumbull Democrats