Letter — Beach Family would not approve of aquatics center location

To the editor:

One advantage to having lived a long life is that I have had the pleasure of knowing many persons who have contributed greatly to our town.

One such person is E. Merrill Beach who, together with his wife Florence, donated Beach Memorial Park to the Town of Trumbull. They gave us this park in memory of their only child, Robert, who sacrificed his life for our country in World War II.

Merrill appreciated the historic importance and scenic beauty of the park. He gave it to the town with the stipulation that its use promote the “beauties of nature and healthful recreation.”

Having known Merrill and his love of the park, with its quiet trails, mountain laurels, dogwoods, streams and abundant wildlife, I believe he would find the proposal to build a 24,000-square-foot aquatics facility contrary to his wishes.

The proposed facility will transform what is now a shady picnic grove, playground and outdoor pool, into a busy, year-round facility. Even though the outdoor pool and playground may be preserved, they will be overwhelmed by a huge building (estimated to be as big as 8 tennis courts) and surrounded by parking spaces. The charming setting we now enjoy will be gone forever. I do not believe Merrill and his wife would have approved of this project.

For this reason, I ask the town committees considering this proposal to look for another location. It makes no sense to disturb a park that is well-used and well-loved as it is when there are other public lands that are better suited for this proposed facility.

Mary Keane