Always more to be done on school board

To the editor:

I’m honored to have served as a member of the Trumbull Board of Education for the past 12 years, and as chairman these past four years. It’s truly a joy to see the academic, athletic and artistic achievements of our students and to work with our teachers, administrators, other staff members, Board of Education members and of course, all the Trumbull parents who have contributed so much toward their success.

Many investments have been made in our school district since my tenure began in 2007, including implementation of full day kindergarten; the addition and expansion of advanced placement classes including those in arts and music; introduction of Spanish to fifth graders, and the elimination of portable classrooms and art/music on-a-cart at our the elementary schools while maintaining our class size guidelines. We’ve continued to invest in classroom technology, including improvements to our wireless network and a personal ChromeBook program for elementary and middle school students. We’ve worked to increase the rigor of our curriculum at all grade levels, and made long-term investments in our facilities that have already resulted in significant energy costs savings, from replacing 50-year-old boilers, installing new energy efficient windows and adding solar panels onto school rooftops.

But of course, there is always more to be done. If re-elected I will work closely with the other board members, and the consultant that is hired to help the board, and the community, find a replacement for our retiring superintendent, Dr. Gary Cialfi.

If re-elected, I would like: to see a continued increase to the rigor of studies for our students; continued investment in Trumbull Public School buildings to make them safe, secure and more energy efficient; to work to reduce inefficiency and redundancy between the town and BOE, while continuing to do our part in helping to keep local taxes stable and predictable.

I am running for re-election to the Trumbull Board of Education where my overall goal is to develop well-rounded, well-adjusted and emotionally intelligent students who will be ready to move on to an institution of higher learning, into the workforce or the military one day. I’m asking for your vote for myself, for my fellow Board of Education candidates Jeff Donofrio, Jackie Norcel, Marie Petitti, and Stu Schwartz, and for Coach Herbst and the entire Republican team on November 5.

Loretta Chory, chairman (R)

Board of Education