Administration is not serving residents’ interests

Administration is not serving residents’ interests

To the editor:

I have been a Trumbull resident for nine years. When I moved here with my family, we were impressed with the schools, taxes, homes, neighborhoods, the parks, and the previous town’s administration.

Under the current administration, my family and I have many concerns. I have voiced our concerns to Gaspar “Gaby” Reyes, who is running for town council in District 4. Gaby Reyes has been a Trumbull resident for twelve years. He cares deeply for Trumbull and its residents.

As an independent voter, I tend to vote for the party that will best serve my family’s interests. I feel that this current Democratic administration has not served my family and the Trumbull residents’ interests at all.

As I voiced my concerns to Gaby Reyes, I found that we both had the same concerns. I have concerns about the cuts to our Trumbull Board of Education, about the dwindling police force, which is in desperate need of replenishing and I have concerns about the raising of taxes that I have experienced under this current administration. Finally, I am disappointed with the lack of “transparency” that this current administration has had with the Trumbull citizens. When it comes to the building of the apartments near the Trumbull Mall, I am against this proposal. Clearly, our taxes will go up to pay for this project.

Gaby Reyes reassured me and told me that my concerns were his as well. Another concern I have, are the many homes that are “For Sale” throughout Trumbull. Are these concerns that I have, the reasons why so many Trumbull homes are for sale?

Gaby Reyes assured me, that he, Coach Herbst, and the entire Republican team, will address my concerns once they are all elected into office. As an independent voter, I am voting for the Republican ticket on Election Day.

If you have the same concerns that I have and you want to make a change for the better, vote for Gaby Reyes in District 4, Mike Herbst for First Selectman, and the entire Republican ticket on Tuesday, November 5.

Joe Malaterra