Winter 'Trumbull'land: Photo contest winners named

Several Trumbull residents found the beauty in winter and have been named winners in the Conservation Commission’s photo contest for capturing it on camera.

The Trumbull Conservation Commission recently named winners and thanked residents who participated in its 2015 Winter Photo Contest. There were entries from 31 residents in three categories.

“We were pleasantly surprised at the response to the Winter Photo contest,” said Mary Ellen Lemay, chair of the Conservation Commission. “My colleagues and I believed we had seen it all in Trumbull, but we have to hand it to the photographers. They each have a great eye for the picturesque, which made even getting the submissions down to a short list difficult, and picking clear winners all but impossible.”

Lemay also said since these photographs are so impressive, the commission will be trying to get some of them displayed in town. The commission will also be considering future photo contests.

All submissions can be viewed on the Trumbull Conservation Commission’s Facebook page at The top finishers in each of the three categories were:

Trumbull, a Winter Wonderland - Photos of Trumbull landmarks, landscape, etc., in Winter

1st Place - Across Twin Brooks Park by Lisa Romanchick

2nd Place (tie) - New Snowfall Clinging to Life in a Stream by Anthony Gargano

2nd Place (tie) - Rails-to-Trails in Winter by Derek Sterling

3rd Place - Night Scene at Trumbull House by Bill McMenamy

Trumbullites in Winter - Photos of residents at work or play

1st Place - Pequonnock River Trail Winter Dog Walker by Derek Sterling

2nd Place - A Boy and his Dog sliding in Snow by Dawn Kubie

3rd Place - Snowblowing at Night by X-Mas Lights by Jennifer Bailey

Trumbull Wildlife in Winter- The birds, mammals or other critters of Trumbull in Winter

1st Place - Old Mine Park Ducks at a Low Angle by Luca Pietrangeli

2nd Place - Male & Female Cardinals at Snow-covered Clock by Nancy Lenoce

3rd Place - Snowy-nosed Golden Retriever by Jennifer Bailey