Eighteen enthusiastic Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts joined the Town of Trumbull’s annual Scouts in Government Day event on March 16.

Continuing a long tradition started by First Selectman Clarence Heimann in the early 1970s, scouts met for two hours with a town official, employee, or volunteer.

After a formal opening ceremony, the scouts met their mentors for two hours to learn about the Town of Trumbull, their job, and their role in the community. Scouts asked questions about education, training, duties of the position, typical daily schedule, and others.  

In addition, the scouts took notes about interesting facts they learned from their mentors.

During the closing ceremony at Town Hall, First Selectman Timothy M. Herbst explained that “Government Day provides the opportunity for scouts to learn about their town and to learn about possible careers that they may want to pursue as an adult.”  

He presented each scout with a certificate of participation and asked them each to share what they had learned during the afternoon.

The 2016 Scouts in Government Day participants included: Alex Debrosky, animal control officer; Bridie Thompson, emergency medical service; Thomas Ferreira and Natalia Yamka,  first selectman’s office; Gillian Delmhorst and Ava Meagher, golf course property director; Charlie Hobbs, information technology director; Alex Sullivan, land use planner; Ashley Swan and Grace Carrello, children’s library services; Max Gombos and Kylie Totten, Trumbull Nature and Arts Center; Alexandra Flores and Joseph Granata, police chief; Isabella Pucci, Trumbull Senior Center; Maggie Basbagill, superintendent of schools; Skylar Cuminotto-Reis, videographer; and Cameron Holmes, 911 Dispatch.

This article was submitted by Carol Jayne, Bill Chin, Kathy Pekera, and Claudine Phaire of the Scouts in Government Day Committee.