An indoor turf field, a swimming pool, and a bowling alley — those are just a few of the visions that Trumbull resident Andrew Russell has for the town’s new community center, when and if it gets built.

While the project has been a point of contention in the community, Russell knows there’s one thing everybody can agree on: it should be built with people of all ages in mind.

“Growing up in Trumbull, I always wanted a community center,” the 21-year-old Trumbull native told The Times Friday afternoon. “There were plenty of times where my buddies and I wanted to do something at night and the parks were closed and we had nowhere to go.”

Russell, who works at YouthWorks in Bridgeport, created an unofficial survey titled “Trumbull Community Survey” last Wednesday, May 11, and said more than 70 people had filled it out in the first two days.

He stressed the idea of making the building accessible, especially at night.

“If we can make it accessible to everyone, including seniors, then it can really be something great,” he said. “But it has to be accessible to young adults, too, and have activities available for them on the weekends and at night.”

Despite previous survey’s launched by the town’s official building committee, the Trumbull youth thought it was pertinent to “keep the conversation going.”

“It’s really just something to keep the ball rolling,” he said. “It’s a brief, simple survey. It shouldn’t take a person more than five minutes to complete.”

Russell told The Times he hasn’t looked at any of the submissions, and doesn’t plan to until the survey is taken down.

“My plan is to have it up for a week or so but I may end up keeping it up longer,” he said.

“I’m going to surprise myself at the end and read through what people said,” he added.

The survey, which took Russell less than two hour to create, asks participants their age range, gives them a checklist of ten activities, and considers possible volunteer and paid employment opportunity.

It also gives residents the option to answer how much money they are willing to spend to participate for new activities in Trumbull.

“One question asks about how they spend their free time on the weekends,” explained Russell, who added a question about the old Teen Center at Indian Ledge.

At the end of the survey, there’s an open-ended question that asks residents their thoughts and ideas — something that Russell believes will tell him the most about what will happen next.

“I haven’t been reading too much about what’s been going recently,” he admitted. “But this is always something to have to bring up the town’s committee.”

To take the survey go to: