Trumbull Property Transfers

The following property transfers are copyrighted material previously published in the Commercial Record, a weekly trade paper. It is reprinted with permission from the publisher, The Warren Group,

115 Colony Ave, Lawrence Siconolfi and Crystal Isidore to Kellie and Cassandra Gordon, $325,000.

49 Gatehouse Rd, Luis and Elizabeth Carrena to Wesley Carpenter, $560,000.

1 Hawthorne Ridge Cir Unit 1, Weisenbacher Lydia Est and Patricia Parente to Marcel Coilparampil, $310,000.

37 Robinwood Rd, Jonathan and Alice Bova to Christopher Mcgloin, $365,000.

14 Salem Rd, Michael and Milagro Sarni to Balaji Chellappa, $475,000.

33 Valley View Rd, Sean Toth to Nicole Scarturchio, $336,000.

16 Village Dr Unit 16, Stephen and Gail Brickel to Nina Kahn, $42,000.

159 White Plains Rd, Jonathan and Dawn Dixon to Yuliana Bermudez and David Lopez, $216,000.