Trumbull Park stickers available, for $5 fee

Trumbull’s Parks and Recreation Commission unveiled a new vehicle sticker policy this year, requiring residents to pay a $5 annual fee for a vehicle pass.

Entrance to all Trumbull parks is free and open to the public, but parking within the parks is limited to Trumbull residents only.

Vehicle stickers will be issued to residents who present a valid motor vehicle registration for private passenger and/or combination vehicles. Vehicle stickers will be available for purchase beginning Thursday, April 10.

The new system has led to some complaints, according to Director of Recreation Mary Markham. Sticker fees were also criticized by members of the Board of Finance in a March budget meeting. But Markham said the stickers are in line with what other nearby communities are doing.

“The fee is designed to cover the cost of the sticker itself and the distribution,” Markham said. “It is not designed to make any extra revenue.”

Vehicle stickers will be issued on an annual basis hereafter and enforcement will be year-round throughout the entire parks system. Any vehicles parking in Trumbull Parks without a 2014 vehicle sticker will be subject to a $25 fine.

“Trumbull takes great pride in maintaining a variety of outstanding parks and park facilities for its residents,” according to a release from the department. “Vehicle stickers help ensure that these parks and parks facilities are easily accessible to residents of Trumbull.”

Entrance to the town swimming pools will still require the display of a driver’s license or other valid photo ID evidencing residency in Trumbull.

Some residents are worried that these stickers can prevent family members from attending games or events, but that isn’t the case, Markham said.

“As always, parking for approved sporting events, permitted picnics and the golf course is exempt,” Markham said.

The fee for each vehicle sticker is $5 and it is available at the Recreation Department, 5892 Main Street, Mondays through Fridays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., starting this Thursday. An online purchase option is also available at for an additional $2 mailing and processing fee.

The Parks and Recreation Commission explored many options, Markham said. In the past, it has tried adding the cost of the stickers to the budget, which failed, Markham said.

“We’ve gone through several trials to see if we needed park stickers,” Markham said. “We found that we have a lot of rogue groups not approved for using the fields — we’ve had damage to some fields — because we haven’t been enforcing the parking stickers.”

All other permits or stickers are no longer valid and should be removed from vehicles, according to the department. Guest and nanny passes will also be available, at the Recreation Office only.