Trumbull GOP chairman slams State of the Town

Joseph Pifko
Joseph Pifko

Calling First Selectman Vicki Tesoro’s 2019 State of the Town, “a house of cards and politically convenient talking points," Trumbull Republican Town Committee Chairman Joseph Pifko delivered a scathing commentary, promising the 2019 election would be “a referendum on broken promises and a town that has been at a standstill for the last year-and-a-half.”
Full statement:

“Today, the people of Trumbull were given a State of the Town Address that was built upon a house of cards and politically convenient talking points. The 2019 election will be a referendum on broken promises and a town that has been at a standstill for the last year and a half.
“First Selectman Tesoro promised not to raise taxes and she has raised them two years in a row. She promised to be a champion for public education and in this year’s budget she decimated our public schools by $2.3 million — by far one of the worst education cuts in the last 15 years. She promised to grow our Grand List. Within a year, she has allowed for the proliferation of approximately 900 apartments that will overpopulate our schools, drain our services and raise our taxes. At the same time, we have seen developers introduce radical zone changes across Trumbull. These changes will change the face of Trumbull forever. At the same time, our corporate parks have a high vacancy rate and the Trumbull Mall has the highest vacancy rate it has seen in more than generation.
“First Selectman Tesoro told us she would reduce the size of government. She told us she would ‘spend smarter.’ This budget increases the employee headcount. First Selectman Tesoro told us she would eliminate the high-priced salaries in Town Hall. She hasn’t eliminated one position. In fact, she is the only mayor or first selectman in the entire State of Connecticut that has two chief administrative officers.
“Mrs. Tesoro said she would refuse a pay raise. The budget she just proposed will pay her $7,000 more than her predecessor. Mrs. Tesoro promised us transparency in government. She has allowed appointees to collect both their salary and pension at the same time, allowing double dipping that even the State of Connecticut and City of Bridgeport prohibit! Most importantly, she promised the community a referendum on the proposed Community Center and has worked to undermine a referendum because it doesn’t comport with her agenda. Trumbull seniors should not be relegated to a building that was constructed 100 years ago. What happened to letting the people of Trumbull decide?
“Finally, what Mrs. Tesoro describes as peace and tranquility in Trumbull is actually an appalling lack of transparency and suppression of public input. When you examine Mrs. Tesoro’s record, time and again you see the same pattern. Overpromise. Underdeliver. The people of Trumbull should hold Mrs. Tesoro accountable. Over the course of the next six months we will remind Trumbull voters of the eight years of progress that was achieved under Republican leadership and what can happen if we again put a strong manager with vision in the First Selectman’s office.”