Trumbull Day: Back to Tradition

Photos by Lisa Romanchick
Although inclement weather shortened Trumbull Day from three days to two, it didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the people in attendance as the event returned to its traditional calendar spot the weekend before Independence Day.

After a Thursday washout, Trumbull Day opened Friday with carnival rides and games. On Sunday, the festivities continues from 1 p.m. to 11 p.m. with rides, games, and music flooding the fields of Trumbull High School, eventually culminating in the traditional fireworks display.

Sunday was hot and humid,  but families still came in bunches to celebrate the town.

The word that buzzed around the weekend was tradition. Christina Hemond, a Trumbull resident spending the day with her family, said she “loves” the early summer date, calling it “a little family tradition.”

Hemond and her family had exactly the kind of reaction organizers were hoping for, according to First Selectman Vicki Tesoro.

“Tradition is very important to me,” she said. “Traditions unify the generations as adults who experienced and enjoyed Trumbull Day, as children now bring their own children.”

For years, Trumbull Day was the unofficial beginning of the summer season in town, Tesoro said.

“Children were just out of school and it was prime time for families to have fun together,” she said.

Walking around Trumbull Day, many other people echoed these comments.

Charlie Taubl, a Trumbull resident that just completed his freshman year at Central Connecticut State, said the event brought a sense of unity to the town.

“My friends and I were having a good time enjoying the rides and food,” he said. “It was a great time.”

As the sun set and fireworks filled the sky with color and sound, the sense of community continued as families and neighbors gathered on blankets and and chairs arranged in large groups.

Tesoro said she remembered taking her children to Trumbull Day, watching them go on rides and seeing their expressions as they watched fireworks.

“Trumbull is a town made up of seniors, families, singles, school-age children of all faiths, nationalities, and backgrounds,” Tesoro said.” Trumbull Day has something for everyone and as such reflects our community. Neighbors coming together and having fun together.”