Trumbull Community Television - April 17-23

Following is the schedule for Trumbull Community Television; Charter Channel 17 and AT&T UVerse Channel 99. Schedule is subject to change. Refer to for the most current schedule and to play previously shown shows on-demand.

This week be inspired by the Trumbull High Poetry Launch event.

Take a look at “Gear Up: A post-high school planning workshop for seniors and juniors,” sponsored by the Trumbull High Counseling Department and Housatonic Community College.

Available is a second viewing of the Board of Education April 8 meeting, along with other local government meetings.

Now available: The new, easy-to-use Trumbull Community Television website ( with a convenient shows-on-demand system. Feel free to send an e-mail if you like the site or have questions.


April 17-23

1 a.m. — The Business of Baseball

2:30 a.m. — Social Media & The Law

4 a.m. — Prima Vera Duo Cabaret Concert

6 a.m. — Cracker Jack Moment: Baseball’s Card Expert

7 a.m. — The Art of Fielding Author Talk

9 a.m. — Starting a Business: SBA Help

10 a.m. — Govt: Town Council 4/7 Meeting

11 a.m. — Govt: Board of Education 4/8 Meeting

1 p.m. — Govt: Police Commission 4/8 Meeting

2 p.m. — Trumbull High School Poetry Slam Launch Event

3 p.m. — Gear Up: Post-High School Planning

6 p.m. — Govt: Police Commission 4/8 Meeting

7 p.m. — Govt: Board of Finance 4/10 Meeting

11 p.m. — The Art of Fielding Author Talk