Town will honor Clarence Heimann's legacy

Trumbull’s longest serving first selectman, Clarence “Larry” Heimann — who helped shape Trumbull into the town it is today — died last week at his family home in New Hampshire.

Heimann, who was 99 years-old, served as first selectman for 12 years, from 1961-1973. He was called one of Trumbull’s greatest leaders by First Selectman Timothy Herbst.

“Under Heimann’s leadership, the town saw the creation of many of the corporate parks that are currently in existence today,” a statement from Herbst’s office said. “During the Heimann Administration, Daniels Farm School, Tashua School, Hillcrest School and Trumbull High School were constructed. In addition, the Town’s library was constructed as well as Tashua Knolls Golf Course.

“During Heimann’s tenure, Trumbull acquired more parks and recreation space than at any other time in the Town’s history,” Herbst’s office said. “The Town also acquired the property that would later become Stern Village.”

Heimann was a member of the Board of Selectman, prior to becoming Trumbull’s chief executive. Heimann was a past president of the Fairfield County First Selectman’s Association, which would later become what is now known as the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities. Former Congressman Chris Shays got his start in politics as a young executive assistant to Heimann. Herbst noted that Heimann was full of life and continued to drive and correspond with Trumbullites, via email, well into his late nineties. During his term, Herbst established the Clarence Heimann Leadership Award, given each year to a citizen or employee of the Trumbull community for their good work and good deeds.

“The Town is saddened to learn of the passing of one of Trumbull’s greatest leaders,” Herbst said. “Larry Heimann led a long and amazing life and his stewardship of Trumbull made us the community we are today. There is no question that Trumbull is better off today because of the leadership of Larry Heimann.

“Throughout my time as First Selectman of Trumbull, a day does not go by when I look at something in our Town and recognize that Larry’s efforts were instrumental in making Trumbull such a special place,” he said. “He was the textbook definition of a model First Selectman and on behalf of all Trumbullites my thoughts and prayers are with the Heimann family”.

The first selectman will be asking the Trumbull Town Council to rename the Trumbull Library, The Clarence Heimann Library, to honor Heimann’s legacy and commitment to Trumbull. A ceremony celebrating Heimann’s life will be held Sunday, Oct. 26, at 1:30 PM in the Trumbull Library.