Town unveils online payment option for taxes

Trumbull Town Treasurer John Ponzio and Trumbull Tax Collector Donna Pellitteri announced recently that Trumbull taxpayers can now view and pay their taxes online.

Residents can find a link to make online payments at homepage, under “Quick Links” and “Pay Taxes Online.”

“Trumbull taxpayers can now view their real estate, personal property, vehicle and sewer use bills online and then conveniently on the same web page, make payments through a third party using a debit or credit card all through a portal on the town’s official web site,” Ponzio said. “Sewer assessments will be available online at a later date. While there is a minimal cost to the taxpayer to make the payment (which does not go to the town), it is significantly less than the cost charged by the previous vendor.

“We hope taxpayers will take advantage of this new service and avoid time consuming trips to Town Hall especially during the heavy tax collection months of January and July,” the town treasurer said. “We feel this service continues our efforts to streamline the tax collection process and bring it in line with services offered to our citizens by the private sector.”

Tax Collector Donna Pellitteri said the town will continue to find way to improve the taxpaying process.

“The cooperation of several vendors, along with the Town’s IT department and tax collector personnel, have made this service possible and allowed the review and payment of taxes to be modernized in a way consistent with industry trends,” she said.

She indicated that any questions can always be made to her department in person or by calling 203-452-5024.

First Selectman Timothy Herbst said the new measure will make town government smaller and smarter, by reducing operational costs and making government for user-friendly.