Town seeks state aid for bridge repairs

The town is hoping to get 50% state reimbursement for about $1 million in repairs to two bridges in town. The bridges, on Spring Hill Road and Old Town Road, are both at least 45 years old.

“Water has been getting in and causing the bridge to deteriorate,” said Chief Administrative Officer Cynthia Katske about the Spring Hill Road bridge. The fix entails adding a waterproof membrane to the structure, at an estimated cost of about $250,000. The work could happen as soon as 2019.

“The bridge is something you almost don’t even notice that you’re driving over,” Katske said. But an increased scrutiny of bridge safety nationwide, combined with the location of the school bus depot on Spring Hill Road, made the repair and upgrade a priority, she said.

The Old Town Road project is significantly larger, with an estimated $800,000 price tag. That work is also long-term, with design studies likely to begin in 2019 and work unlikely to start before 2020. The repairs include replacing the bridge’s bearings and improving its support beams, guide rails, screens and other improvements.