Town of Trumbull 2018 vehicle park stickers/parking permits

The Town of Trumbull vehicle parking permits are required year-round (Jan. 1 through Dec. 31). While entrance to all Trumbull Parks is open to the public, parking within the parks requires a Vehicle Parking Permit. In accordance with the Parks and Recreation Commission regulations, Vehicle Parking Permits shall be issued to Trumbull town residents at no cost. Vehicle registration will serve as proof of residency. Trumbull residents and/or taxpayers who own vehicles paying taxes to a town other than Trumbull are considered non-residents. Non-Resident Parking Permits may be purchased for a fee of $112. Vehicle parking permits are stickers affixed to vehicles and are also often referred to as parking stickers or park stickers.

Vehicles without current parking permits are subject to a $25 violation. There is a grace period until Feb. 15, 2018 for new parking permits; 2017 parking permits/stickers will be valid until that date.

Vehicle parking permits are available in the Parks and Recreation Department in the Public Works Administration Building at 366 Church Hill Road. A current, non-expired, vehicle registration reflecting a tax town of Trumbull (#144) is required to obtain a vehicle parking sticker.