Town halts household hazards

Trumbull Public Works Department will have a few employees retiring after June.
Trumbull Public Works Department will have a few employees retiring after June.

Oil-based paint, waste fuels, swimming pool cleaner, lighter fluid, and engine degreaser — these are just some of the things that residents may drop off at the annual Trumbull Household Hazardous Waste Collection event at Indian Ledge Park from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 31.

Community members from Trumbull, Monroe and Easton are being asked to sift through their homes and take their hazardous waste — such items as oven, toilet and drain cleaners —  to 307 Indian Ledge Park Drive, next to the BMX facility. Residents must present a Connecticut driver's license upon entry to dispose of their household waste.

Tom Baldwin, Trumbull’s highway superintendent, encourages people to come and properly dispose of potentially hazardous household waste by bringing materials in their original containers and making sure the containers are securely closed.

"I hate to see waste on the side of the roads," said Baldwin. "We take almost everything and have never turned anyone away."

Baldwin said it is an easy process and workers will take care of everything, but recommends that those coming pack containers in sturdy, upright boxes and pad them with newspaper before putting them in a car.

He also urges residents to come in the afternoon, because the mornings are always hectic.

"Transport the items safely, wrap it in something, box it, and keep your windows open," said Baldwin.

Baldwin said they take almost everything, and encourages residents to call Trumbull Public Works at 203-452-5045 with any questions regarding what will and will not be accepted at the event.

The items that will be accepted are paint thinner, solvents, stains and varnishes, solvent adhesives, kerosene, gasoline, carburetor cleaner, brake fluid, transmission fluid, pesticides, weed killers, mothballs, flea powder, rubber cement, airplane glue, hobby supplies, photo chemicals, spot removers, fluorescent lightbulbs, and mercury thermometers.

There are several things that will not be accepted, said Baldwin, but those items may be disposed of at the Trumbull transfer station. Some of these include  latex paint, asbestos, ammunition and explosives, smoke detectors, prescription drugs and syringes (which may be dropped off at police headquarters), compressed gas or propane tanks, tires, antifreeze, and alkaline batteries.

All waste collected at the event will be picked up by Care Environmental, which will dispose of everything properly. Baldwin said this is the best way to get rid of hazardous material. He said any other way could result in long-term damage to the environment in five to 10 years and he urged residents to let the professionals take care of hazardous substances.