Town council recap: Building committee, mall expansion, public health

The Trumbull Town Council meeting had a light agenda on Sept. 10, with only seven scheduled items — and three were either held in committee or withdrawn, leaving only four items to consider.

Lori Hayes-O’Brien of Old Tree Farm Lane was appointed to the Senior/Community and Library Study and Building Committee. There was some discussion about the need for new committee members to have expertise with building construction projects, which as a former educator in Trumbull, Hayes-O’Brien does not have, but the appointment was approved with only a single dissenting vote.

The Town Council unanimously approved the acquisition of 1.71 acres of land known as part of the Hansen subdivision on Huntington Turnpike, which will be incorporated into the Mischee Brook Park.

After considerable, but very cordial, discussion, the Town Council unanimously approved a resolution to abandon the Town of Trumbull’s interest and discontinue its public use of portions of Stuart Place and Lorraine Street to further the Westfield Corporation plans to substantially expand the Trumbull Mall. Senior officials and attorneys of Westfield were present to explain the need for the town to give up its right to use these streets, which are not currently in use, but stated that further work with the Trumbull Planning and Zoning Commission will be necessary in the coming months before construction can begin.  First Selectman Tim Herbst was present and spoke on behalf of the resolution, noting that the planned major expansion of the mall would lead to substantial growth in tax revenue for Trumbull.

The final item, which also passed unanimously, approved a contract with the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health in the amount of $53,192 pursuant to the Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program for a two-year period from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2017, that will allow First Selectman Tim Herbst to enter into contracts for the Town of Trumbull with the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health for various purposes such as the replenishment of perishables, work on the Emergency Response Plan, and the Master Disaster Plan in cooperation with both Stratford and Monroe.